For a seasonnal furnished holiday home situated in Jaujac
Between for one part
Monsieur Souléliac Alain
La Chavade
07380 JAUJAC
Tél: 06 16 28 19 23

And for the other part
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Print the 2 pages of the contract in 2 copies
Keep one copy of the 2 pages
Send by post to the owner one copy of the 2 pages with the date and signed a long with a deposit of 30 %

Holiday Home
Tenancy From
Number of Peoples
Price of rent in Euros Euros
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In no case can the lodgings be rented out for more peoples than stated by the maximum capability of lodgings.
The lodgings are rented out from Saturday 3 p.m. to Saturday 10 a.m. ,exept for previous agreements.
The general conditions of renting will apply , except for particular conditions mentioned in this present contract.

It has been agreed , to rent a furnished flat for holidays,
Situated on the first floor, of an old house,rue de la Chavade 07380 JAUJAC
The reservation will take affect once:
- That the owner has checked that the holiday home is available on the dates chosen.
- After the owner has received the deposit.
- After the owner has received a copy of the of the pages 1 and 2 of the renting contract signed and dated by the tenant
The rest of the rent is to be paid on the day of arrival. The "taxe de séjour" is collected on the behalf of the commune and payed by the tenant.
On arrival, a garantee deposit of 200 Euros will be asked for by the owner.

Particular conditions.

The present contract is made out in two copies.
I understand and accept the general conditions on page 2 and the eventual perticular conditions on page 1.


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Article 1 - Conclusion of contract:
The reservation will take effect after that the owner has verified that the holiday home is available on the dates chosen.The reservation will be definitive after that the owner has received a deposit of 30% of the total amount of rent and one copy of the renting contract made out in 2 pages dated and signed . The second copy is to be kept by the tenant,this renting contract , concluded between the 2 parties can not be used by a third party, moral or physical person -except for written agreement from the owner. Any none respect to this renting contract can lead to immediate cancellation of the renting contract giving wrong to the tenant, leading to the rental value being definitively aquired by the owner .

Article2 - Cancellation made by the tenant:
All cancellations should be notified by registered letter sent to the owner. The deposit payed will be aquired by the owner,nevertheless, it could be payed back if the holiday home was to be rented out for the same periode. If the stay is to be shortened for any reason , the price of the rent will not change. There will be no refund.

Article 3 - Cancellation made by the owner:
In the case of cancellation made by the owner, a refund of the deposit will be payed along with an indemnity of the same amount payed.

Article 4 - Arrivals and departures
Rentings are from Saturday 3.00 p.m. to Saturday 10.00 a.m. except for special agreements made with the owners consent and written in this present contract. The Tenant should be present on the day and the hour mentioned in this contract. In the case of late arrivals you must notify the owner. If the tenant is not present the day mentioned in the contract, and does not notify the owner with in 24 hours, the contract is considared as cancelled and the deposite payed will be aquired by the owner , who can depose of his holiday home.

Article 5 - Payments
The reservation becomes valid as soon as the owner has received the down deposit of 30% of total rent. The rent is to be payed on the day of arrival.

Article 6 - Inventory and inventory of fixtures:
The inventory of fixtures and the inventory of furniture and equipments are to be made at the beginning and at the end of the stay, with the owner or his representant and the tenant. These documents are to be signed by both parties. This inventory will be the only reference in case of litigation concerning the inventory of fixtures,furniture or equipment . The state of cleanlinessof the holiday home on arrival of the tenant should be stated in the inventory.The cleaning of the holiday home is at the charge of the tenant for the period of his stay and before leaving.The eventuel amount charged for cleaning is calculated on the bases mentioned in the discription list.

Article 7 - Deposit of guarantee:
On arrival, the tenant will be ask to leave a depoit of 200 Euros, with the owner. This deposit will be refunded minus expenses for any damages made to the premises or it`s equipment, after inventory made before leaving. If however the deposit is not sufficient the tenant will be engaged to pay the amount required. In the case of anticipated departure (before the hour mentioned in the contract) the deposit, after inventory, will be sent to the tenant in a delay not exceeding one week.

Article 8 - Length of stay:
The tenant who signs this contract for a limited time , cannot at any time claim the rights to stay longer than the originally agreed period stated in this contract.

Article 9 - Utilisation of premises:
The tenant will enjoy his tenancy in a peaceful way and make use of it according to it's determination : Holiday home. The tenant is engaged to leave the holiday home , on his departure,as clean and as tidy as he found it on his arrival.

Article 10 - Ability:
The present contract is made out for the maximum number of peoples written out in the renting contract. If the number of tenants exceed the maximum stated in the contract the owner can refuse the extra peoples.All modifications or breach of contract will be considered at the initiative of the client.

Article 11 - Animals:
The present contract states precisely if the tenant can stay or not with a domestic animal.If this clause is not respected by the tenant, the owner can refus the tenant.In this case, there will be no refund.

Article 12 - Insurance:
The tenant is obliged to have an insurance for the holiday home for the periode of his stay. Please check to see if your home insurance covers this, if not get an extension with your insurance broker. Anything stolen in the periode of your stay will be at the charge of the tenant.

Article 13 - Aditional tax for your stay:
The "taxe de séjour" is collected on the behalf of the commune and payed by the tenant.

Article 14- Water and Electricity:
Water: water is included in the rent.
Electricity: electricity is included but limited to 5 kwatts per day, which is sufficient for a normal use of equipment placed at your disposal (without electric heating). In the case of excess, the supplementary kwatts will be charged to you at the normal electric price.

Electric counter
The day of arrival
Electric counter
The day of departure

The present contract is made out in two exemplairs. I understand and except the general conditions of tenancy on page 2 along with the particular conditions on page1.


Tenants signature

Owners signature